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Party Bikes & Golf Cart Limo Tours

Electric Motor Assist | Bartender | DJ | Photos | Club Lights

We do it right.

Party Bikes

16-person party bikes.


State-of-the-art electric assist for Nashville’s notorious hills.

Bartender & Driver

Professional bartender and knowledgeable driver.

Sprocket Rocket bike


Golf Cart Limo Tours

Sprocket Fleet includes 4 llimo carts that hold 5 guests each.

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing tours featuring popular video, tv and movie shooting locations. Full of fun facts, photo opportunities about Nashville, rich history, emerging neighborhoods and more!

Brewer Tours

Taste some of Nashville’s finest local brews with your tour connecting new and old breweries offering up great tasting beer and an entertaining driver/host.




  • Private Group
  • 8 Person Minimum
  • 16 Person Maximum

Friday & Saturday

  • Private Group
  • 8 Person Minimum
  • 16 Person Maximum


  • Single Seat With Public Group
  • 8 Person Minimum
  • 16 Person Maximum

How we’re different.


Located in the heart of downtown.

Motor Assisted Bike

Bartender & Driver



Complimentary Souvenir Cup

Club-Style Party Lights

Premium Cushioned Seating





If its not available online can I call to book?

No! If its not available online then its NOT available.

How many people can ride?

Minimum = 6 people / Maximum = 16 people.

What’s your cancellation policy, late policy & weather policy?

Click here. 

What do you provide?

Cups, coolers, ice, a bartender, driver, complimentary photo album, music to get you rockin’, a sound system to pump it out and party lights to get you in the zone!

How does this thing fit 16 people?

There are 6 bikes seats on each side (2 of which don’t pedal) and 4 people fit along the back bench. You are not guaranteed any seats. Our staff will sit you accordingly.

Can I sign the waiver form before I get there?

YES! IT is MANDAORTY you fill it out before you arrive! Everyone attending will need to fill out the online waiver. Click here. There is no need to print the waivers – just make sure everyone who is riding signs one from their smartphone or computer before arrival.

How early should I arrive?

Plan on 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time (see our Late Policy). After all, the early bird gets the worm! Make sure you bring your drinks with you. There is nowhere within walking distance or along the route to purchase alcohol so come prepared! Your ride picks up at 516 5th ave SOUTH. The ‘South’ part is important so make sure you tell your driver and make sure to mention its ‘AVENUE’, not ‘street’.

Wait List If My Desired Time is sold out?

We do not have a wait list or cancelation list. Once a time is sold out we have nothing else in that time slot. If the minimum number of seats have not been booked, we will automatically add you to the bike time and confirm once 6 people have booked.

Where do you go?

We don’t have a specific ‘route’ but more of a ‘zone’ we operate in that includes Lower Broadway and its surrounding streets. We go everywhere we can while still trying to avoid hills! (you can thank us later!) Depending on events going on downtown and street closures, we may take you to some of the other fun areas that neighbor downtown, but either way – you’re going to have a blast! ***(downtown routes are never guaranteed).

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Nashville locals can’t get enough of the Sprocket Rocket party bike and neither will you. Drink beer and explore Music City on Nashville’s #1 party bike and pedal tavern adventure! Sprocket Rocket makes the perfect party for special events, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, partying with your friends, corporate events, friend and family reunions, or just for fun! Anything you can dream up! We’ll make it an epic celebration!

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