Do I have to read all of these FAQs?

Yes! I mean you’re the ones traveling from who knows where to book this amazing Nashville’s #1 party bike and tavern tour. You’re gonna want to know what you’re getting into! Plus, chances are any questions you may have, and ones you didn’t know you had can be found here.

What’s your cancellation policy, late policy & weather policy?


Private Reservation: We will wait for you, however your ride will still end at the scheduled time.

Public Reservation: If you don’t arrive at your scheduled start time, there’s a chance you will not be able to ride. We know it sounds strict, but when more than one group is on a bike we have to depart on time out of respect for the other groups. Our schedule is a well oiled machine and when one group is late it throws off the entire tour, and if the situation was reversed you wouldn’t want to loose party time because of others. Please plan ahead, be respectful and on time!


  • You may call or email us to cancel or email to reschedule your reservation (subject to availability) up to 14 days before your date with no penalty.
  • Any payments made will be forfeited in the case of cancellation within 14 days of the reservation. Option to be reschedule available 2- 14 days prior to your reservation date.
  • 48 Hours or less = option to reschedule with $100 rescheduling fee
  • No shows or same day changes = no refund

If your reservation is rescheduled, we cannot reschedule a second time. Make sure you reschedule or cancel in advance.



Rain or shine, we ride. The party never stops at Sprocket Rocket, and unless weather conditions are deemed unsafe we will be throwing down in the streets. In the event that we cancel your ride you will receive a 100% refund, however, if your group decides on their own not to ride, no refund will be issued.

Please dress appropriately for predicted weather conditions. Weather cancellations are not typically made until moments before the ride’s scheduled time. Nashville’s favorite joke to play downtown is for storms and the like to jet off in the opposite direct at the last minute. Do not assume your reservation is canceled unless you are contacted by a Sprocket Rocket team member.

If it does happen to rain the day of your ride know we sell PONCHOS here at Sprocket Rocket for you to stay dry!

What is the Sprocket Rocket? Why the Sprocket Rocket?

The Sprocket Rocket is a half bike, half vehicle- all fun machine!

  • Driver /DJ
  • Personal Bartender
  • Electric Assist Motor
  • Souvenir Cup
  • Party Lights
  • Centrally Located Downtown Headquarters
  • Top Notch Customer Service

Ultimately we are:

Nashville’s #1 Party Bike and Tavern Tour!

How does this work? How do I book?

Book your ride online!

Online bookings only, sorry no phone bookings! Our calendar is LIVE so you’ll only see the latest availability. (We CANNOT take a reservation via Email, and we cannot provide availability through email either.)

You bring the drinks and we provide the party!

Ice, cups AND coolers are on us while your bartender actively pours and takes photos on our HD cameras. Your experienced driver uses the on board sound system to pump their custom music playlist from start to finish all while keeping you safe on the roads. We are a party bike! So we make ONE stop in the middle of the ride to let you stretch your legs, use the bathroom etc then keep the party going on the bike. Pedal. Party. Drink. Repeat.

How many people can ride? What if I have more or less?

Minimum = 6 people / Maximum = 16 people

There are 6 bikes seats on each side (Two wheel well seats don’t pedal) and four people fit along the back bench. Seating type on a public ride is NOT guaranteed. Our staff will sit you accordingly. If you have less than six people, you can still book a public tour and we’ll put people together to fill your bike and make you new friends!

If you’ve booked less than six people there is a chance your ride won’t go out. If this does happen, we will contact you and either reschedule you, OR give you a full refund.

Have more than 16 people?

No problem! Just book more than one bike! Private rides of more than one bike are NOT guaranteed to leave at the same time, but we will do our best to accommodate!

Do I have to purchase/book in advance?

Yes, advance purchase is REQUIRED.

Tickets can be purchased online only and a minimum of 24 hours in advance. We advise booking as far in advance as possible for your group as we tend to sell out months in advance.

There is NOT a waitlist or cancellation list. Once a time is booked, it is booked.

Where will we go? What will we see?

Routes are not guaranteed.

If you choose the Downtown party, you can generally expect a trip that includes loopty loops around Lower Broadway and its surrounding streets.


Your driver will do their best to minimize hills and street closures. In the event that the Nashville Predators are in town or there’s a concert and several streets are closed, we always have a back up plan! We will take you to another fun area that neighbors downtown!

Regardless where your trip goes, you will have a blast!
No route or roads are guaranteed during your ride. We make it work based off what is going on in the city that day.

Do we really have to pedal?

Well heck yea!

70% of the power we need to run is provided by YOU! The remaining 30% of the power is supplied by our bikes unique electric assist motor.

Sprocket Rocket is not only the best Party Bike and Tavern Tour in Nashville, but the easiest to pedal! That 30% boost is a game changer, allowing us to pedal for longer than any other pedal bike downtown!

How long is the ride?

Your entire ride is approximately 1:45 minutes from your check in time to your drop off.

What does this mean?
You can expect your ride and pedaling experience to be one full hour (believe us, pedaling for an hour is a darn good workout). The remaining time is broken up between checking in and loading the bike. 30 minutes into the ride the bike will stop to give everyone a 15 minute break to stretch your legs, take some group photos with your cellphones, and use the restroom. Once everyone is loaded up the second half of the ride begins.

You said one stop, but isn’t this a bar crawl?

No. We don’t use the term ‘party bike’ lightly.

You paid to be on a bike, heck you even brought your own drinks, so save your wallets, and party with us on the bike!

After looping around downtown with us we’ll release you to the streets where you can then go check out all the bars! Your bike will, of course, make one fifteen minute stop for you to stretch your legs, and use the restroom halfway through your ride.

What should I bring? Where can I buy drinks?


This means get drinks BEFORE you check in. We highly recommend getting your choice of beverages the day before your ride or leave early and get something on your way. We do NOT sell any drinks of any kind. No need to bring ice,cups, or coolers, we’ve got that covered.

Tennessee does not sell hard liquor/wine past 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on Fridays & Saturdays. Beer cannot be purchased until 10am on Sundays.

If you want to bring hard liquor/wine etc, you may do so if it is in a plastic container. Any kind of plastic container will do! If you miss the no glass memo and show up with glass bottles we have souvenir Sprocket Rocket water bottles for $8.


Is it hot out? Are you planning on drinking ALL day? Well of course you are, this is NashVegas! So keep in mind you’ll last a lot longer if you bring water. We do NOT supply water!

Cash & I.D.

You MUST be 21 to ride! Tennessee State Law says you MUST show us your ID! Everyone must carry an ID with them at all times.  Yes, even grandma must have hers!
Our bikes have storage bins up top just like an airplane, only smaller. We can store purses, wallets, small bags, umbrellas, cell phones, etc. Large coolers, and suitcases will not fit on our bikes.

Your Waiver

We have electronic waivers which means your waiver can be done online from a computer or your cell phone. You do NOT have to print your waiver and bring it with you.

So I should sign the waiver form before I get there?

YES! It is MANDATORY that everyone fills out a waiver in their FULL LEGAL NAME. If you are Elizabeth and go by Beth please fill out your waiver as Elizabeth. That goes for you too Matthew.

The check in process is much faster if everyone fills their waiver out prior to arrival. If your waiver is filled out with your nickname, we will have you step to the side and fill out a new waiver from your phone.

Everyone attending will need to fill out their own online waiver, the person making the reservation cannot fill out the waiver for everyone in their group. This is a legal document folks.

Waivers are done online ONLY, there will be no hard copies available at check in.

How early should we arrive? And where should we arrive?

Please arrive promptly at your reservation time.

This is your check in time, the bike does not leave at the time of your reservation.
Your ride is scheduled and planned accordingly so an early arrival is not necessary.

Your ride picks up at 516 5th Avenue South. Please be accurate with the GPS and punch in both SOUTH and AVENUE or you will end up on the wrong side of town and late for your ride.

Is there parking?

We DO NOT have onsite parking.

UBER, Lyft, or getting a cab is your best option unless you are staying within walking distance to our location. The bike does drop off closer to downtown so if you do find paid parking close to Sprocket headquarters please let your driver know before loading the bike, or during the bar break. 

What should I wear?

Keep in mind you are riding a bike.

Closed toe shoes and casual wear are highly recommended. Please do not wear 6 inch heels, those are made for the dance floor, not pedaling.

Should I tip the driver/bartender?

Please! Our staff works for gratuity.

They make a living off of your generosity. That’s how they afford the crazy rent in this town and feed their families and four legged fur babies.

So while it is not mandatory our staff works extra hard to make sure you have a great time as your generosity is their livelihood.

Your driver/bartender split all tips 50/50, so at the end of the ride when the tip jar comes around and you’ve had a blast, don’t be afraid to show them some cash! (We’ve also got Venmo!)

If my group is buying tickets individually, will we still be on the same bike?

Each time slot you see available is for one bike and one bike only.

So, if your friends are booking the 2:15 time slot on Friday and you also book the 2:15 time slot on Friday, you will definitely be on the same bike! This applies to same exact time and date only. You can’t book the 2:10 and shimmy over to their bike.

What if I leave something on the bike? Or have leftover beverages?

We are not responsible for any left/lost items on the bike.

So try to limit what you bring. (This includes coolers. They’re best left at home!)

If you do bring items, have your bartender stow them for you, that way he/she will know what to look for when you leave. It’s likely your ride will end downtown, in the event of leftover beverages you can either choose to leave it behind or your awesome bartender will pack it up for you, and bring it back to where you checked in and you will have 24 hours to come pick it up.

Ask your captains for more information.

What if I don’t want to pedal or physically can’t pedal?

Pedaling is not only what you’re signing up for – it’s part of the fun!

If you don’t want to pedal, here’s a quick reminder: It’s a party BIKE! Pedaling is interactive and way more fun than it sounds right now. Trust us!

That being said there are non pedal seats that can be occupied IF the bike has enough people. Since pedal=power, a bike with less people on it will require all patrons to pedal. If the bike is full, that is when non pedal seats will begin to fill. Sooooo, don’t be a stick in the mud. Pedal!

If you feel like you CAN’T pedal due to a medical condition, please arrive early and alert the staff.

PLEASE NOTE: we do NOT reserve specific seats and no particular seat placement is guaranteed. People with physical disabilities can request the back bench, but each bench only holds four people, and if you’re taking a public ride keep in mind the other groups could have individuals with similar problems. Again, seating is NOT guaranteed.

What if I’m pregnant?

We’re not doctors.

So we’ll leave that up to your discretion. If you do choose to ride, we strongly suggest sitting on a non-pedal seat. Again, make sure you arrive early and alert the staff. There is no guarantee of any particular seat.

Can I decorate?

Of course! Decorations are welcome.

All decorations must be socially appropriate. After all, there will be kids on the street and your party WILL attract attention!

Keep in mind any decorating is going to chip away at the time you are on the bike, so we suggest decorations be easy and fast to mount/take down. Also keep in mind that on a public bike, you will be sharing space with other groups, so if you want to decorate the whole bike perhaps book a private ride.

What if I still have more questions?

We’ve got answers.

Part of loading up your bike includes a driver safety speech. Your driver will not only give you a condensed version of what you just learned, but explain to you bike rules, drinking games etc. If the answer to yourquestions was not found above and you just can’t wait, feel free to call or e-mail us. Can’t wait to see you!

What forms of ID will work?

ID’s must be Government issued.

If you are between the ages of 21-25 then a second form is required. First form must be government issued. Second form can be anything with a matching name; credit card, debit card, school ID, etc.!