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I was hesitant at first, but I’m so happy I took the Sprocket Rocket Tour!! So much better than pedal tavern Seriously, it was the most fun I have had in Nashville. Josh and Caitlyn were the best! Ride that pony!!!! Caitlyn is the absolute most fun and don’t forget ask josh for a “seat dance”!! Great experience, fantastic people, you’re missing out if you’re not taking their tour!

Lee W, TripAdvisor


Had an absolute blast yesterday afternoon on the Sprocket Rocket. Jon and Katelyn were an awesome driver/bartender combo and our group was having way more fun than others we saw on the “Pedal Tavern.” I would definitely recommend this if your looking for a fun way to throw a few back and see the honkey tonks on Broadway. Not a sightseeing tour, but a great party!

Craigb131, TripAdvisor


We had Sean driving and Alyssa bartending and had such a good time. We were tourists for the night. It was fun and they took great care of us for the night! Thank you, who needs pedal tavern!

Aroller23, TripAdvisor


We took a Sprocket Rocket trip in mid-October and had an incredible time. We tried to book with Pedal Tavern, not even knowing about Sprocket Rocket yet. Pedal Tavern first didn’t call back and when they did they were rude. So glad that didn’t work out! The staff on Sprocket Rocket is really what made the trip. They were so cool, laid back and just wanted to have fun with us. The music was great and they got some great pics of our whole team. Yeah, it was a work thing and everyone really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to go again when the weather get’s nice!!

Christian P, TripAdvisor


We had the BEST time on Sprocket Rocket. This is the 2nd time on this company as we also have done Pedal Tavern, no comparison. The people on Sprocket Rocket are FUN. The music is great, the whole experience was great. Thanks to Emmitt and Chistina, they really made our night enjoyable. We would definitely recommend this company. All you have to do is be prepared to have a fun night. Downtown was super busy with the hockey game and everyone we passed wanted to take our picture, as we passed people they were dancing in the street to our music and even the policemen were giving us high fives!!!! If you are visiting Nashville, go on Sprocket Rocket!!!! Even though it was a bit chilly out at night, we couldn’t have care less as we were having so much fun.

Jane O, TripAdvisor


We had a blast with Ryan & Katelyn on the Sprocket Rocket! We had a party going on, while other companies’ rides didn’t look near as fun. Our drinks were always full and the music was always jammin’! I highly recommended this! It was even better than I thought it would be!

lisakies, TripAdvisor


We went to Nashville for our Girl Trip, the Party Bike was awesome and it was amazing how the traffic stops. We had a good group on our bus made some new friends. totally recommend.

Christine F., TripAdvisor


This was my 2nd time doing a bike tour in Nashville. My first time doing it with Sprocket Rocket. We had Nicole as our driver and she was great. We had a blast!! I recommend you booking your tour for nighttime! The heat is no joke is Nashville – so doing it after sundown was a lot cooler.

aforslund1028, TripAdvisor


I would recommend the Sprocket Rocket to friends who plan to visit Nashville. Our bartender and driver (Jess and TJ) were friendly, attentive, funny and made our ride a lot of fun! An experience to sip, spin, and sing your way through the streets of downtown Nashville.

Carolyn B., TripAdvisor


The pedal tavern tour we went on was a great way to see the city. The staff was awesome & made the experience so fun! I would definitely recommend doing this tour while in Nashville.

Amanda, TripAdvisor


This is the wildest and most fun ride of your life through the busy streets of Nashville. You feel like a celebrity as paparazzi stop to sing, dance, and take pictures of/with you as you drive down Broadway. The drivers and bar tenders are fantastic and readily available to tend to all of your party’s needs! Plus, they dance, sing and party with you! What’s not to love??

EricaMo08, TripAdvisor


I didn’t know what to expect but it was nothing short of SPECTACULAR!! We came as a group of 12 and were given all the rules & regulations in a fun manner by Kyle amd Mika and they didn’t waste ANY TIME to get moving and party. Kyle and Mika had an amazing energy and made it even more memorable!! I would definitely do it again!

infiniteryders, TripAdvisor


We were a family of six not really knowing what to expect. We had the best time!! We all agree it was the best attraction we did while there.

cindidean2019, TripAdvisor


My sisters were visiting my boyfriend and I for the weekend and we had a great time! Living in Nashville, we sometimes roll our eyes at all the pedal bikes on Broadway and in Midtown. However, don’t knock it till you try it!! We had the best time and I would choose Sprocket Rocket over any other pedal tavern. The driver and bartender were fabulous and the perfect amount of time. I will definitely bring other friends/family back that visit!

juliacburd, TripAdvisor


I have done this pedal tavern 3 times, with 3 different groups over the years. Have had an absolute BLAST every time. Can’t go to Nashville without doing sprocket Rocket! The drivers and bartenders have always been PERFECT for their job. They love people and make sure that everyone has a blast. Fun little “drinking games” are built into the experience. Half of our group was together, and we were joined by a bachelor party. We ended up going out on Broadway with the others after the tour every time I did it because you all become the best of friends. DO IT. You won’t regret it!!!

KileyB023, TripAdvisor


Sprocket Rocket never disappoints. We had so much fun this weekend. Adam and Hayley were amazing! Even the rain couldn’t dampen the experience. 10 out of 10!

U9766OEkarenm, TripAdvisor