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Sprocket Rocket | Nashville's #1 Party Bike

About Sprocket Rocket

When’s the next time you’ll get to explore Nashville on a massive party bike? Odds are, probably not anytime soon. Which is why you’ll want to hop on Nashville’s #1 PARTY BIKE & famous pedal tavern, and you’ll want to ride again and again!

We’re known by many names down South…a pedal tavern, pedal pub, open-air party bus or NASHVILLE’S #1 Party Bike. Call us what you will, because when it comes to providing the ultimate party bike adventure, the proof is in the pudding! Sprocket Rocket is Nashville’s #1 Party Bike! We go above and beyond in every way to ensure you have the best time possible. Need further proof of our awesomeness?

We are the only party bike in Nashville to feature:

  • Electric-Assist Motor – Translation: We help you pedal! With its state-of-the-art electric assist, the Sprocket Rocket gives you the extra oomph you need to make it up some serious elevation. Because Nashville’s hills are real, y’all!
  • Your own Personal Bartender – Now how are you supposed to take in the sites (and pedal your way through the scene) if you’re back there slingin’ drinks? We have no idea, and we didn’t even want to try to figure it out. Say hello to your own personal pedal tavern bartender. May your cup never runneth empty.
  • Complimentary Photo Album – Our team is trained to shoot people. (Calm down, with a CAMERA.) Our entire Sprocket Rocket team receives photography coaching so we can capture you looking your best. The result? Dozens of digital memories neatly organized in a Facebook album – posted promptly after your ride – perfect for sharing with friends or turning into a scrapbook.
  • An Experienced DJ – Beats? We got ‘em. After all, this is Music City! And who better to play the music that’s sure to keep you singing and dancing than your own personal DJ? On top of that, our premium sound system comes with an auxiliary cord so if you really want to listen to your own playlist while on the pedal tavern, we can make it happen!
  • Complimentary Souvenir Cup – Who doesn’t like free swag?
  • Club-Style Party Lights – Tired of forging your way through a crowded club for a shot of Fireball? Once you experience the energy and atmosphere of the Sprocket Rocket, you’ll get so used to having your own private bar that you won’t ever want to leave!
  • Premium Cushioned Seating – ALL of our seats are padded so you can be sure you’re riding on the most comfortable party bike in town (including the back bench – if you’re lucky enough to snag a seat!) We wouldn’t want to ride on a cooler and don’t expect you to either!
  • Location! – We are located downtown, just a couple blocks off Broadway which makes getting to us super easy – even on foot!
  • Professionalism…Upgraded – All of our staff are certified in their areas of expertise. What does that mean? Our bartenders are ABC certified and our drivers have chauffeurs licenses. Is it required by the city? No. It’s just something we choose to do to give you that added level of safety and confidence that you are receiving the best service possible.